The best destinations across Europe

Málaga, Spain

Forget Barcelona and Madrid this year and go for Málaga! Stroll through the alleys of the old historic centre, fill your lungs with fresh sea air on the quays, shop on the marinha or sip a cocktail on the rooftop of a trendy bar.

Lyon, France

Long overshadowed by the capital to the north, Lyon may not have Paris’s big reputation (or big crowds) but it does share some of its winning traits: it’s beautiful, thanks to its duel riverfronts (the Rhône and the Saône), it’s food-obsessed (the city’s bistros, boulangeries and bouchons are legendary), and it’s cultured (the miscellany of musées range from des Confluences to Gadagne).

London, United Kingdom

With its skyrocketing hotel prices, London is, sadly, a city that can make budget-conscious travelers and backpackers cringe. Still, it’s a bucket-list worthy destination that’s worth every dollar or pound you spend.

The most interesting trips around Europe

Barcelona, Spain

My favorite city in Spain. Packed with great food, lively nightlife, art, architecture, and eye popping sightseeing. A great holiday destination for families too.


It’s important for everyone to visit Normandy to grasp the history that took place in 1944, and to understand our past and how these events shaped our present. Near the beaches are idyllic villages, Gothic churches, ancient tapestries, and mouthwatering cuisine. The whole region seems to be plucked from a fairy tale.

Camogli, Italy

The smaller and lesser known neighbour to Portofino and not far from the rugged landscape of Cinque Terre, Camogli has it all and in the off-season, it is still a relatively undiscovered gem compared to the more famous destinations around it.

The most useful traveling tips

  • 01

    Observe Daily Life Around You

    If you really want to get a feel for the pulse of a place, I recommend spending a few hours sitting in a park or on a busy street corner by yourself just watching day to day life happen in front of you.

  • 02

    Manage Your Cash Flow

    If you’re traveling domestically, be sure to hit your own bank before leaving for your trip; that way you won’t arrive short on cash and have to immediately search for an ATM. Further, you will save on ATM fees at machines run by someone other than your own bank.

  • 03

    Look for Flight Deals

    Always sign up for flight deals. We, travelers, know that where our most money goes. It’s always going to the flight fares. But by signing into these flight deals you can save a lot of money. You’ll find flight deals in these sites, like The Flight Deal, Secret Flying, Scott’s Cheap Flight, etc.

Heros Behind the Company

Dreaming of a trip to Europe? Well, it’s time to get more specific. Our online traveling platform offers you a wide range of exciting destinations across Europe, including marvelous beaches of Albania, high-mountain lakes of Andorra, 1,000-year-old monastery od Armania, beautiful villages of Austria, and so on.

Do you want to see the 60-foot wall of water spectacular year-round, then you need to go to Bosnia-Herzegovina! Choose one of the most exciting destinations around Europe and get on a trip right now!

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